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Windows Phone: (almost) a year later

In November 2013 my wife’s iPhone 4 was replaced by a Lumia 925 and shortly after, in December, I followed suit. Farewell to my iPhone 5 and a huge leap into a new eco system. Before this, I already knew the Windows Phone system, after having tested the first Lumia 800, which was still Windows Phone 7. Back then, I didn’t think much of it. Nice, refreshing, but still too limited for real use.

With Windows Phone 8 things changed and in my opinion it became a real viable option next to iOS. So we made the switch without much afterthought.

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Guess I might pick up blogging again?

Counting down to AuroraTweetup

It’s just a little under three weeks until Aurora Tweetup in Nellim, Finland. About 20 people, of which at least 15 nerds will try to watch and capture the Aurora. I’ll be using my Nikon 1 V1 set for the first time in these environments, so I’m looking forward to the resulting images. My goal is to shoot a timelapse for the dutch “star gazing days” (“Sterrenkijkdagen”) in March.

Apart from the Nikon, I’ll be trying what the iPhone 5 is capable of. Same goal again, only this time shooting with the iPhone 5, Olloclip and Timelapse app. Should be a fun experiment, since the maximum exposure time of the iPhone is 1 second. ISO however can be up to 3200. We’ll see how noisy that’ll be.

The only thing I wished for is that Nikon would send me a preproduction model of the 6.7-13mm ultra-wide zoomlens. I could use the extra millimeters on the wide end, but unfortunately release is scheduled for March. Hey Nikon, are you listening? I will write a review for you!

Since it’ll only be three full days, here’s hoping for clear skies!