Nieuw speeltje

Deze week ontvang ik mijn nieuwe speeltje:

1080i HD video. Helaas moet ik nu wel aan de grote harddisks, om dit grafisch geweld te kunnen bewerken...

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Well, for most people this will be an after burner, but since I only own a NintendoDS Lite for a few weeks, I'm pretty upped about it.
I just finished Hotel Dusk: Room 215. My 3rd game I bought (yep, bought, and it's worth every eurocent!). I've started playing this game a few days ago, and like a really good book, I haven't been able to stop playing. Good thing we're now in holidays, so I have quite a bit of spare time. In the game you play the role of an ex-cop names Kyle Hyde who is now working as a salesman staying in room 215 "Wish" of Hotel Dusk. However, his boss Ed Vincent has a little business on the side.

You have to find objects and hand them to the customer. Sort of a detective, but not as such. Anyway, the atmosphere of the game is excellent. There are quite a few characters you will meet and talk to. There are also a lot of sub-stories you have to solve. Chapter by chapter you get closer to your goal, and slowly, but certain, you pick up the small pieces of the final puzzle.
The characters are all very well thought out, and the limited space of the hotel make this a real "whodunnit" like story known of many best sellers or television detective shows. The only minor thing I have with the game is that the progress is rather linear. Sometimes you find certain items or clues earlier than the story line expects. Which makes you won't be able to use the items or clues until you found/solved the clue that was planned in the game plot. But this is only a very moot point.

All in all, this game is excellent, and I really hope there'll be more games like this. A successor would be nice as well, Kyle went on vacation in the end, so, once he's back he could of course start a new adventure. Although the major thread, his lost partner Bradley, can't be part of the next episode. However, maybe it's nice to make a pre-quel, from the Bradley POV.. I'll leave that up to the developers, I only wish these games were made more often.
Happy holidays!

Winter Infrared

Winter Infrared, originally uploaded by marcof.

It's been freezing for a few days and today, there was also quite a mist. Because of the low temperature, this froze to trees and grass, which made everything look white.
A normal picture would show a very similar scene, but with infrared you will see subtle differences, for instance, the barks are white, and not black/brown.

Anyway, I took out my E-1ir and took a few shots.

[NL] NAD paniek

Onze kat Mickey is ziek, al best wel lang. Nieren die niet goed functioneren, Schildklier die te hard werkt. Medicijnen wil ze niet eten, dus ze is nu best mager en constant hongerig.
Gisteravond "lekte" ze bloed, wat op vanalles kan wijzen. Vandaag naar de dierenarts, ik hoop dat er nog iets aan te doen is :(

Maar uiteraard komt een ongeluk nooit alleen. Ze werd door de andere kat opgejaagd (ongelofelijk hoe die dat merken dat een andere soortgenoot verzwakt is) en ze sprong op mijn NAD surround receiver. Drup drup... eerst niets aan de hand, snel weggeveegt, en ineens plink, NAD op rood.
Oeps! Toch iets van vocht er in gekomen? Ding uitgezet, aangezet.. pling, groen... knisper.. pets rood. GVD, ding is net een jaar oud!

Mahja... onze jongste zoon heeft het ook al eens klaargespeeld om een 20 eurocent muntje in de ventilatiegleuven te stoppen.. dat kwam precies op een grote stekker uit, dus kon geen kwaad voorlopig..

NAD maar van de kast gehaald, en opengeschroeft. Geen vocht/druppels te zien. Muntje maar snel weggehaald. NAD aangezet.. ping groen... en het blijft groen. NAD weer gesloten, aangezet.. ping groen.. en blijft groen...

Probleem opgelost... hoop ik. Vandaag maar weer aansluiten de handel..

Duim voor Mickey, ze is al 17 jaar oud, en of ze dit haalt is twijfelachtig :'(

edit 21.12.07 14:27
Mickey komt er wel overheen. Blijkt een fikse blaasontsteking te zijn en met wat antibiotica komt ze er weer bovenop!