iPhone 4 troubles - or are they?

Oh my, the iPhone 4 hasn't been out for a day and first reports of troubles are showing up already. Biggest complaint is loss of signal when holding it the "wrong way". 
okay, I'm not saying this is not an issue, but it seems to be a trend that whenever there is a new iPhone or Apple device, immediately reports of problems show up:

  • 2008 - launch of iPhone 3G - problems with reception and white iPhone case
  • 2009 - launch of iPhone 3Gs - problems with overheating
  • 2010 - launch of iPhone 4 - problems with antenna (especially for lefties) and discoloration of screen
These may or may not be real issues, what strikes me is that these occur in the first weeks after a launch and then quickly fade away. 
In my opinion this is mostly due to the fact that really everyone is looking at these devices with a magnifying glass. Any small issue will be blown up to gigantic proportions. And the Apple attitude of not really being open to communicate with doesn't help with that.

To put things in proportion: millions of iPhones have been sold, and usually a very small, but very vocal group will get all the attention, while most people are perfectly happy with theirs.
Or maybe Apple is using this as a very weird but clever marketing ploy, just hype it up even more and say "we told you there's nothing wrong" in the end....

Sigh - the iPhone with iOS4 is still not MobileMe Family Pack compatible

Everyone jumped for joy iOS4 is released! But why didn’t Apple add support for multiple MobileMe accounts, next to the new update to allow multiple Exchange accounts? Now the iPhone is still incompatible for Family pack usage, and Apple forces me to keep using Google Calendar for a shared calendar in our family.

My wife and I both have our own MobileMe account. The kids each have one as well. And I created one general account which is for all of us (mostly my wife and I).

The current situation is that for our shared calendar I setup a CalDAV Google Calendar account. Since MobileMe does not allow shared calendars which can be both read and written to. This has not changed in the new MobileMe update. I already sent a new request to Apple support for this, again, I’d recommend everyone who want this to do the same!

But even if this could be done, the iOS does not support adding multiple MobileMe accounts, so I would never be able to use our shared account on the iPhone.

To make MobileMe really work, Apple should really work on this. I love the service, and I am generally very pleased with the support, but this lack of flexibility is a major issue, especially if free services are providing this a long time already. It’s way overdue.

[NL] Wegwerp (Android) telefoons?

De nieuwe HTC EVO 4G is uit in Amerika. Een heel mooi toestel met super specificaties. Gratis uitgedeeld aan een select groepje mensen op Google I/O. 

Direct gaan mensen vergelijken met de Apple iPhone. Ook met de iPhone die nog niet eens op de markt is. Puur op specificaties die niet bevestigd zijn. Leuk en aardig, maar is het relevant? De zoveelste iPhone killer.

Maar mensen zijn appels en peren aan het vergelijken, en daar zit hem de crux. Ten eerste is Android geen telefoon maar een OS. Niets meer, niets minder. Je zou een vergelijk moeten maken met iPhone OS, niet zozeer tussen Android en iPhone. Maar goed, als we ons focussen op de Android EVO 4G HTC in vergelijk met de iPhone 3GS heb je inderdaad wel een redelijk vergelijk. Uiteraard vergelijk je (bijna) 2 jaar oude techniek met techniek die een week oud is, maar ok. 

Alleen, neem eens een stapje terug van de techniek en kijk naar het proces als geheel. Apple heeft in principe 1 handset: de iPhone. Zelf ontworpen, zelf gemaakt (niet letterlijk natuurlijk, Apple laat ook liever mensen in China bouwen om de kosten te drukken).

Google heeft de Nexus One. Niet zelf gemaakt, puur een HTC zonder badge. Google heeft wel Android. Ook niet echt meer zelf gemaakt, maar Open Source en gebruikt door een consortium van fabrikanten. HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, en meer.

iPhone OS 3.0 preview + release date and iPhone OS 4.0 preview + release date?

On March 17th, 2009, Apple unveiled details about iPhone OS 3.0 software and released the new iPhone Software Development Kit for developers. The actual release was June 17th 2009, 3 months after the first preview version.

On April 8th, 2010, Apple unveils details about iPhone OS 4.0 software and releases the new iPhone Software Development Kit for developers. The actual release will be July 8th 2010, 3 months after the preview version ....
(the last date is just a guesstimate)

What if the iPad became it's own product range?

Techcrunch's MC Siegler has an article up that states that Apple may be developing a larger iPad variant, about 15 inch in size and possibly announced on the (developer!) conference WWDC 2010.

John Gruber thinks this is total bullshit.

I do agree with John that at first this is way too early to even consider a larger variant, but if the iPad will be a success, the idea isn't too bad at all.

As a photographer I love the idea of taking the iPad with me to clients to check out and select the photos, present my work and even write an invoice on the spot. I'm already sold to the 9.7" version.

However, for serious editing work, I would love to see a larger version. And with larger, I mean LARGER, like 20-24 inch. Yes it wouldn't be portable, but look at it as a Wacom Cintiq with the added multitouch function and full computer possibility (the Cintiq is just a "screen"). Ideal for studio work. I can totally see myself working in Bibble 5 using a large iPad like that. And for on the road work, a version that is mentioned in the Techcrunch article of about 15.4" would be pretty nice as well. So the iPad becomes it's own product range, with an iPad (10"), iPad Pro (15") and iPad Studio (20") version. But since the iPad is running the iPhone OS, what would the larger variants run, it can't be iPhone OS with its limitations?

I guess "standard" OS X to make full use of their size and functionality. And thus this idea is almost immediately killed. Why would Apple support different OS-es in one product range? It would make support and development much harder.

It's much more plausible that the iPad will be extended with functionality, remaining similar sized (maybe grow a bit larger to max 12"). Still, I like the idea of editing photos/movies on a large iPad :-)