[NL] Aflevering 9 "Honey I blew up the iPod Touch" van Tech45 staat online

Deze keer een extra lange aflevering, vanwege de aankondiging van de Apple iPad. Maar liefst 2x zo lang geworden :-)

Onderwerpen o.a.:
- heel veel iPad
- Google Nexus One review door Luc van Braekel
- Facebook
- Internet in België en de ideeën van Groen

En ons gast panellid (maar ondertussen ook al bijna lid van de familie) Jan Seurinck was er ook bij, naast de vaste pannelleden Maarten HendrikxStefaan LesageCindy de SmetJojanneke van den Bosch en mijzelf.

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iMovie 8.0.5: iFrame standard - not new, just other name. But new device opportunity.


Yesterday the iMovie 8.0.5 update introduced the new "iFrame" (knowledgebase) format which is 960x540 pixels (quarter of a full-HD resolution).

However, iMovie has been exporting to this resolution since the introduction its new architecture in iMovie 08. It is actually the maximum size which you can use to export for sharing, unfortunately (see screenshot from mobileMe gallery).

However, it will probably mean that:

  • the iPod nano will be updated to record in iFrame mode (firmware!)
  • the same will apply to the iPhone 3GS (firmware!)
  • the to be introduced (I guess) iPod Touch will record in iFrame natively

Still, I'd prefer a real 720p resolution option instead of this halfbaked approach. But Apple probably has something up it's sleeve we don't know about :-)

Current list of iPhone apps

Here is my downloaded iPhone apps list. Current for Monday, October 5th 2009 :-)

about 304 apps downloaded.. Usually about 70 installed on the iPhone.

What's your list?


edit: okay Numbers pdf export screwed up big time. Too many pages. The pages with 3 columns are the right ones. The single column pages are duplicates. Sigh, I thought Excel was sucky.

Snow Leopard sales double that of Leopard, I think not just because of the price.

According to theAppleBlog, sales of SL are double that of Leopard.

Most will agree that the price is pushing sales high, but I also think Leopard was just not good enough. At least in my case, and talking to other Apple users, a lot of them aren't (weren't) really happy with Leopard.

Leopard was suffering from "Windows syndrome". Being bloated and slow. Some of it due to carrying legacy PowerPC support, some of it by feature creep and unoptimized code. In SL there are still some loops open, but that is mostly in the application area. (iTunes is still carbon for
instance). That will change in due time (I predict an "iMovie08" makeover for iTunes next year)

The OS is finally mature :-)

MobileMe Find my iPhone works for multiple iPhones too!

I created the same mobileme account on my own and my wife's iPhone, and voila, in the MobileMe "Find my iPhone" there are now two iPhones which can be tracked.
Useful in come ways, I guess (I have a family acct, so each has his/her own MobileMe)

(FWIW: big FAIL for Apple that you cannot have two MobileMe accounts actively syncing on the iPhone)

iPhone: Push or multitasking, what's the difference?

The 3rd party Push notifications have been announced two years ago, and are finally available for general use in iPhone OS 3. Apple has put up push notifications as an alternative to multitasking, mainly because multi-tasking apps running in the background would drain your battery quicker and multi-tasking would use more memory. 

Well, it is a fact that the more apps you are running simultanious, the more memory is used. And yes, especially if an application is polling the network for new messages, that can consume battery life quite quickly.
So, push notifications is the solution and holy grail for iPhone users.
Now, back into real life. I installed Worldvoice, a "radio" application that uses push for notifications of new "broadcasts" and such. So I switched on the push notifications and played around with the application a bit. I then switched the app off and pretty soon, a push message was shown. Cool. I got bored with it, and switched off the individual notification settings for Worldvoice. The general Push setting remained "on" (because I forgot about it) - see screenshot.

After half a day, I noticed that my iphone battery indicator dropped significantly more than I am used to.
Did some more tests during a few days and yes, even though you're not actually receiving any push notifications, just having the push notification enabled makes that your battery drains quite a bit quicker than usual. Because the connection to the push server and phone is open constantly.
I am now wondering if this push is actually such a good idea. It drains battery, even without using it. This is with only one app, with very few updates. If you have three or four apps, with a lot of updates (say a twitter client with notifications for DMs and Mentions, and an MSN client with notifications for messages, etc), I think your battery will be gone after a few hours. That sucks, and I think is not much different than just run the apps in the background, really.

Do more people have the above experience (or not?) and willing to share their opinion?

Apple MobileMe calendar syncing iPhone not quite syncing

We have a MobileMe family account and with the event of iPhone OS3 I thought my wife and I would finally be able to share our calendars. So, I published my calendar on iCal, my wife published hers and we cross-subscribed to eachother's calendar on our iPhones.
However, new events weren't visible for either party. Sucks. And what do you know? According to this support article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1213 The shared calendars do NOT sync through MobileMe! Which means to get this working computer syncing is a neccessity. Big bummer and fail.
So, since MobileMe family package allows for 5 accounts and we're with 4 people in our family (not counting the cats, who may want an account too..), I thought I'd just set up one central "family" account and use that. Bummer again, the iPhone does NOT allow two active MobileMe accounts and activating one account will remove the other account's calendars on the iPhone.
Dear Apple, please solve this, it's rediculous that if you have a family account you cannot do anything that is really shared and it's even more weird you cannot have more than one MobileMe account on your iPhone!

Safari 4 windows vs mac tabs

Okay Apple, why are you doing this?
The close button on the windows Safari 4 are on the opposite side of the tab than the Mac OSX Safari 4 version. The idea behind is probably platform UI consistency (windows has the "X" in the top right corner, OSX in the top left), but it is annoying as hell when you are using both platforms.
Okay cmd-W/ctrl-W is the keyboard way (which I use mostly), but this is confusing for mouse use.