Apple bans incandescent bulbs

Looks like Apple is already prepared for the ban on incandescent lights (the old fashion light bulbs).
In the Energy Saver preferences for OS X 10.5.7 they have replaced the bulb icon with and icon showing the compact fluorescent light (CFL). But why CFL and not LED, which is even more efficient and doesn't have Mercury in it?

Spot the difference in the screenshots:

Will others follow? No more "incandescent" WB setting in cameras and imaging software?

What's wrong with this picture??

The Palm Pre was announced in early 2009. The apps will be created with web techniques, using cloud services to store and sync your stuff.
Now this article: Gmail sidesteps the appstore

Let's go back to the introduction of the Original iPhone. Steve jobs stated that apps should be created using web techniques and use cloud services to store and sync stuff. All hell broke loose! That was insane! You can't create a decent application with only online storage and tools!

So, what has changed by then? The web techniques were available then already. So why don't we hear anyone complain about Palm? And why is this GMail webapp so important all of a sudden?

As an answer to the article linked above, I don't think webapps will be a thread to the appstore. They're an addition to. Some apps you still want to run locally.

Someone smarter than me please enlighten me about the conflict above though!?

How Apple TV can score at the big 3.0

An interesting analysis of a future Apple TV generation. However, I do think the AppleTV needs to support full-HD or at minimum 1080i to be useful for *everyone*. Why? Well, a lot of people own 1080i (marketed as full-HD by the way) camcorders and they would love to play their own movies in their native resolution on the AppleTV.
It would also mean the rediculous limit of iMovie must be removed, since for some stupid reason there's no way to export a movie in the native resolution (instead it scales down to I think 720p max).

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Windows 7 editions.. iPhone rumors

Mediabistro reported yesterday that Microsoft will release Windows 7 in 6 versions. Mediabistro split the batch up in "what people mostly won't use" and "what they will use".

In any case, it struck me that Windows 7 "Starter Edition" (meant to be used on Netbooks) only allows for 3 concurrent apps to run. Somehow I get a deja-vu DOS feeling about this. Maybe we'll all move back to single tasking operating systems!

iPhone rumors abound. The lack of any news regarding the (vaporware!) 3rd party PUSH functionality in the iPhone OS is stirring up rumors that Apple may go and allow a limited multi-tasking on the next major iPhone OS version. Limited for the current model.. again, 2 or 3 concurrent apps are mentioned. But maybe more for a new iPhone on a modern (multi-core?) platform. Who knows, but all I can say is: hurry the fuck up with either PUSH or multi-tasking Apple!

Oh and cut&paste would be nice too....

Steve Jobs takes half a year off

As has been posted on possibly all computer and news related websites and blogs, Apple has published an announcement of Steve Jobs taking a leave until June for health reasons. (Source:
He sent out a message to the employees at Apple stating that he really needs to get out of the community spotlight and focus on his health. Also, his health situation seems to be more serious than previously thought.

The guy deserves a rest, I guess, even if he weren't ill he must have been needing a period of non-attention. I mean, for the past decade he has been making Apple what it is today, one of the greatest brands known to the general public. He pushed Apple way beyond computers only.

Maybe I am the only one, but the start of the letter strikes me as being very personal. He starts his letter with one single word: "Team". I've worked at a lot of corporations, but I've never encountered the term "Team" as a start of an email (from the CEO). Usually it's "to all", or "dear employees" .. or something of these quite impersonal terms, sometimes the email just starts. This one word shows to me that Apple is a tight company, where hard work and excellence is rewarded, and that management is involved just as deep into development as the "workers". Usually management pretends to be on top of a mountain "guarding" the "workerfolks".. and getting bonusses for that.
No, this shows that Steve is part of the team, not just "somewhere up there". And I guess that's true for all managers in Apple.

In any case, I wish Steve all the best, that he may enjoy his period of rest and recover soon! And I hope the community will leave him alone too..

(By the way... name a few CEOs which you mention by their first name? I guess that also says something about the status of Steve Jobs)

iWork '09 and after three days

iWork '09 (and then mainly Pages) for the last couple of days. Sharing documents with others through I'm pretty pleased with the possibilities of this service, since it also seems to perform very well on the receiver side (web).

It's nice to discuss a document online with others, however I can see that the service isn't finished yet. Actually, I dare to say that the whole iWorks' package is not ready for full collaborative working.

It starts with the uploading of the Pages document. Does it need to go through a cloud? Why not just implement a Peer-to-Peer collaboration like Coding Monkey's SubEthaEdit?
But I can see that there's revenue in a cloud service for Apple, and of course the documents are available when the author isn't (which is not the case for peer-to-peer sharing). So, I can overcome the extra cloud option.

The downloading options are of course very nice, I do not need to keep a word or pdf document next to my Pages document anymore. It's converted along the way (although I fail to understand why a Pages document is so much bigger than a doc or pdf even).

The commenting and "chatting" in the iWork shared document area is great, however there is no way for the author to directly edit the document. Also here, I can see that this is not needed (or even desired!) for the shared online document. But additionally there is currently NO way to "sync" comments back into the original Pages document.

Say for instance I send a document to my manager for review. He has some comments and we discuss these online. All fine, but in the end, there are a few items that need changing, and those comments should be available in the "offline" version as well! At least iWork '09 should retrieve the comments when I load the Pages document and highlight the areas, showing the active comment in a sidebar or HUD of some sort.

Now, I need to keep Safari open, and flip back and forth between original and shared document to check for comments and change accordingly.

Annoying, especially when you have a large document with lots of comments.

So, please Apple add the above functionality in iWork '09 and I'm a very happy puppy :-)

Additionally, some way of user management would be nice. Maybe I want my manager to be able to edit the document, but someone else only viewing/commenting. Those changes can then be synced back and marked into the original document by iWork '09. 

By the way, did you know also has an iPhone optimized site? Unfortunately it is then only possible to view the shared document, you cannot add any comments to it. Still, it's okay for quickly reviewing smaller documents while on the road, I guess.

Macworld 09 .. what did I get right and what's more?

So, now the keynote has finished, how did I do?

- lots of crap talk about iTunes, Appstore successes and other sales 


Well, I was wrong about that one. it wasn't too much talk, really.

- 17" "unibody" MBP is a 99% cert 

Yup! Bingo, with a super-duper non-removable, but eco-friendly battery! .. oh and matte finish (as $50 option) for those who think that's better.

- New Mac Mini w/new intel CPU and no more Firefire (which would suck) 

Nada! (poor Mac Mini..)

- no iMac update, these will "silently" be updated after MWSF09 I think, 
unless they're going to pitch this as a "first quad core consumer all-in-one desktop" 

Right! No iMac announced at the keynote, and I bet there'll be a "special event" Q1 2009

- updated iLife and iWork suites and 
- improvements on MobileMe (again) for functionality in above suits 

Yup-dee-doo... Although my MobileMe guess was incorrect. Apple is introducing"> though, a collaborative site a la google docs (but probably much better). will be beta at first, but a paid service later. Now, what is this going to mean for MobileMe users? Will they have to pay extra for using the service? Or will the MobileMe service be extended with My bet: it's gonna be expensive for us!

Great thing for Math lovers: Pages ties in with MathType!

- no iPhone Nano (but possibly an iPod Touch Nano!) 

Right! (I was hoping for the latter to be true.. just to peeve those iPhone Nano callers off 8-))

- demo of Snow Leopard with a few bigshots in the industry and it'll be 
available right after the WWDC09 possibly 

Wrong! No sign of Snow Leopard (well, it's a consumer show, what would you expect?)
I don't think there'll be much iPod/iPhone related stuff, it'll probably 
be mostly Mac related. I expect a "special event" by the end of 
February, March with more iPhone/iPod announcements. 

Well, I was partly right... there was not a lot of iPhone news.. only:
- new Keynote app to control Keynote. Nice. $0.99
- iTunes now also over 3G, not just WiFi

I still expect an iPhone/Ipod related event within this quarter though.

Meh, for a newbie "predictor", I didn't do too bad, although most of the above was of course already known anyway.

But wait, there was more:
All iTunes songs will be DRM free by the end of this quarter! (8 out of 10 million will be today!)

Can we re-download our previously ordered (DRM-ed) songs??? Or will an iTunes update remove the DRM??
edit: d'uh, it's just iTunes Plus that's going to be the default. And that had an upgrade price for DRM free songs already. 

Macworld Expo 2009 predictions

On a lighter note than previous posts.. Everyone seems to be doing it, and I'm going to have a go at it too.

 - lots of crap talk about iTunes, Appstore successes and other sales
- 17" "unibody" MBP is a 99% cert
- New Mac Mini w/new intel CPU and no more Firefire (which would suck)
- no iMac update, these will "silently" be updated after MWSF09 I think,
unless they're going to pitch this as a "first quad core consumer
all-in-one desktop"
- updated iLife and iWork suites and
- improvements on MobileMe (again) for functionality in above suits
- no iPhone Nano (but possibly an iPod Touch Nano!)
- demo of Snow Leopard with a few bigshots in the industry and it'll be
available right after the WWDC09 possibly

 I don't think there'll be much iPod/iPhone related stuff, it'll probably
be mostly Mac related. I expect a "special event" by the end of
February, March with more iPhone/iPod announcements.

 There, now I am among those geeks that consider themselves important
enough that their predictions actually matter... (no, really)

Apple withdraws from Macworld - this may be a good thing!

Wow, reading my daily apple blogs there's nothing else than "oh no, the world has come to an end" about the announcement of Apple that 2009 will probably be the last Macworld Expo they'll join. And to add more salt in the wound, 2009 won't see Jobs talking at the keynote. No, Phil Schiller will take the stage. Rumors abound about Steves' health again. To be honest, this has been coming for a while now, so people shouldn't be surprised. The timing sucks, that's true, but that's all the Apple way.

But here's the good part: instead of having a fixed schedule where Apple is kind of forced to show up with new products, from 2009 on, you'll probably have more "special events" dedicated to a single product, with probably more interaction with the public and developers.
There'll be no fixed schedule for product announcements. Apple will announce them whenever they feel they're ready. Which, to me is good.
And for the Macworld Expo 2009 keynote: Phil is a nice guy, and he also knows how to do great presentations. He is not Jobs, but he can be just as entertaining.

Now for the challenge: spot the repetition in his speech... Jobs has his "Boom!" thing.. What'll be Schillers knack?