My posterous bounce rate


 The bounce rate (= people getting to the site and leaving from the first
page, not looking further) of my posterous is 81% at the first day of
measuring. Quite high, but since it's a blog, I was actually expecting
it to be much closer to 100% (since who reads the old pages anyway,
except if you're looking for something specific). But I guess my posts
should start to make more sense in the future, to "capture" viewers :-)

 Or I should just put the analytics on the main ( page,
which -for now- redirects users to this posterous.

iPhone compatible earbuds?

I'm starting to really dislike the standard earbuds. Somehow they don't
fit well enough in my ears, so they keep dropping out on a regular
basis. I liked the old iPod buds, somehow they remained in my ear
without any problems. But they don't have the mic and controls that the
new one offers.

 I've looked around, but couldn't find any alternatives. I cannot use
in-ear buds since I use my iPhone on my Piaggio moped, and need to hear
at least a bit of surrounding sounds. So in-ears are out. Of course
on-ears too, since they won't fit under my helmet... And I want to keep
the same functionality as the original buds (mic and controls).

 So, anyone who knows of a viable alternative to the iPhone original


Here's a nice one called "3n+1" sequence. Take a random number and do
the following:
- if it is even, divide it by 2
- if it is uneven multiply it by 3 and add 1
Do this repeatedly and you'll always get to "1"

 The funny part is that there is no absolute proof for this rule, but
no-one has disproved it either. So far, each value taken as a start
value will end up being 1 in the end. Of course, the trick here is that
if you multiply an uneven number with 3 it will remain uneven. Add one,
it'll be even. So the final sequence will always be:
40-20-10-5-16-8-4-2-1 ... or does it?

 So, here's a try:
136 -> 68 -> 34 -> 17 -> 52 -> 26 -> 13 -> 40 -> 20 -> 10 -> 5 -> 16 ->
8 -> 4 -> 2 -> 1

 More interesting math:

iPhone 2.2 things

Been running iPhone 2.2 for a few days now and some things I noticed:
- Mobile Safari UI change
- obvious Google Maps changes: street view, send location, different
route options.
- Mobile Safari seems(!) more stable
- IMAP email advanced preferences are screwed after the update from 2.1
to 2.2. You need to go inside and change the Sent/Drafts/Trash to be on
the server, instead of iPhone to prevent annoying errors.
- iTunes podcast downloading. Too bad you can't subscribe to a podcast.
- Appstore application now has an "update all" button for application
updates. So you don't need to go into the appstore, update one app, go
back again, update another, etc.

- Apps are updated in place instead of main home screen and moving to
the old place.
- Single click home button moves to first home page when you're in
- Spell checker/auto correction can be switched off. However, i belive
the auto correction works pretty well, but in the wrong order. It should
give me a proposed correction, but when I continue typing, not replace
the "wrong" word with the proposal. It should ignore the correction
unless I say it not to. On the other hand, using english as language you
can really speed up typing at the moment since the auto-correction e.g.
replace Ill with I'll etc.. Maybe the behaviour/order should be
configurable for the user per language?
- No more scrolling provider logo (like that is important..)
Things I'd like to see in future versions:
- the ability to organize your home screens in iTunes. I find moving
icons around on the iPhone itself annoying and tedious. I wish I'd be
able to drag groups of icons or better use iTunes to organize the
- cut&paste
- horizontal typing in all apps
- taking a screenshot that shows all home screens in one big image.
- more bluetooth functions: sending data for instance.
- voice controls

back from new york

Well, I'm back again, and immediately into the regular rythm of boring work.
Here's a quick recap of the last few days in NYC.

Photoplus was fun and hectic. Not a big show to european standards, but still very busy. Great showing off a product you love and see the positive feedback the users have. Bibble 5 has the potential to change the imaging industry, really. Just wait and see for yourself once it's released.
Or have a quick peak at the interview:
NYC is very nice. Went to quite a few bars, some of them were meh (see my previous post), others were nice. Food is great, if you know where to go (obviously I didn't, but others did...).

Visited the 5th Ave Apple Store (hey as an Apple fanboy I should go there, right?).. which to me is completely overrated. Yeah, the outside is nice, but once you're inside there's nothing special about it. So I was gone quickly.

I planned on going around town on sunday, the day I left, but once I got walking my feet were killing me, so after about an hour I decided to get to B&H and pick up the stuff I ordered at photoplus (a very cute girl called Jessica.. *swoon*), and take off to the airport. So didn't see that much, but enough to get an impression of the general atmosphere there. Definately have to get back someday not too far into the future.

I got a very nice present in the form of a nikon D700 plus 24-120mm VR kit, which is simply an amazing camera. Very *very* happy with it. Need to arrange some shoots soon! At Photoplus I ordered the new Lens Baby composer for it. Nice gadget. I have the original LB, thought it was time to upgrade now they finally have fixed the aiming of it. looking into the 50mm 1.4 nikkor as well, but that won't be available until december, probably january.