The Samyang 14mm F2.8 first tests

UPS just delivered the Samyang 14mm F2.8 lens (nikon mount).
The first tests show promise, sharpness is pretty good, and in contrast to earlier reviews it seems that flare resistance is ok as well.Some sample shots below, just download the full size images by clicking the "download" link.

Build quality: very good
Weight: average
Vignetting: not disturbing

It has no CPU so it will not meter on low-end dSLRs. It will meter in A and M mode on the D700 (which I have).
Focus throw is long, especially for a wide end lens like this.Forget about using filters on it, the front lens is bulging outward, and you cannot use gel filters in the back of it.
Even though it is a manual focus lens, working with it is quick and painless.
More impressions in a follow up post.

Still working on the Flamenco images. Which one is best now?

Left is the "regular" image. Right is the same image (very roughly, may need some finetuning) edited with my "Hi-Pass tinted" Preset in Bibble 5. Personally I like the latter (right) one.

Which one would you use?

edit: well, guess the decision is made. The client (and model) has opted for the right one. No more doubts. Let's get working on the book.