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Apple MobileMe calendar syncing iPhone not quite syncing

We have a MobileMe family account and with the event of iPhone OS3 I thought my wife and I would finally be able to share our calendars. So, I published my calendar on iCal, my wife published hers and we cross-subscribed to eachother's calendar on our iPhones.
However, new events weren't visible for either party. Sucks. And what do you know? According to this support article: The shared calendars do NOT sync through MobileMe! Which means to get this working computer syncing is a neccessity. Big bummer and fail.
So, since MobileMe family package allows for 5 accounts and we're with 4 people in our family (not counting the cats, who may want an account too..), I thought I'd just set up one central "family" account and use that. Bummer again, the iPhone does NOT allow two active MobileMe accounts and activating one account will remove the other account's calendars on the iPhone.
Dear Apple, please solve this, it's rediculous that if you have a family account you cannot do anything that is really shared and it's even more weird you cannot have more than one MobileMe account on your iPhone!