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Bibble Labs releases Bibble 5 Pro - it's the real thing baby!

Bibble Labs has (finally) officially released Bibble 5 Pro. This amazing piece of software will make your raw workflow a lot faster and easier.

Check out the full specs on their website

From their website:

Bibble 5 is an ambitious project to revolutionize Digital Photographic Workflow. Expanding on Bibble 4's speed and power, Bibble 5 is designed to unite unparalleled photographic editing capability and blazing speed in a sleek, modern interface.

Bibble 5 offers Complete Selective editing - apply essentially any image adjustment to the whole image, or just a portion of the image - Asset Managementthat is fast and flexible, and an intuitive design that's easy to learn, and is up to 88 times as fast as other similar applications.