Geeksphone Peak Firefox OS 1.2 quick impressions

Recently Geeksphone release an 1.2 version of Firefox OS for their devices. After some issues updating my device (I thought I had the Android stuff installed, but I guess I did not, so I had to update adb and fastboot to get it working), the install went flawless and immediately the device shows a lot more maturity in interface and use.

The same goes for quite a few apps, that are now more complete and render perfect on the Peak. 

A nice addition is that the OS now supports multiple languages, so I could set the device to Dutch and actually have a 24H format time. It's still weird that this is depending on the device language, the time and date format should have been a separate locale setting. Probably in a later update.

After my erroneous conclusion that the camera had White Balance issues, I got a reply that the lens still had the blue protection foil over it. And indeed it did, removing it made the blue colors disappear and images now look a lot more neutral. At least on the device, I didn't download the pictures on my computer yet. 

Firefox OS grows on me, and I hope it will get some big names convinced to join in the app development community. 

Another initiative aims to get everyone to develop their own apps: Appmaker. A web based interface, in very alpha phase, to create apps for the FFOS platform. Very basic so far, but this looks very promising!

I'll continue to use the Peak and post occasional impressions on this blog. 


Thank you for blogging about these and your previous impressions of Firefox OS. I just got my Peak and updated to 1.1 right away, but I'm considering 1.2 too. Being Dutch myself, I like English more, but I hate the 12 hour clock, which is one reason to upgrade. I'm curious what you think about the stability of 1.2? And as a Dutch user, aren't you annoyed by the lack of apps and websites which play nicely with FFOS? For example, the 9292 mobile website for public transport planning doesn't work well with FFOS, and there's no app yet either.
Alexander, thanks for commenting: stability is ok. Did not have any major issues so far, but I must admit I am not using the Peak as my main phone. Regarding the lack of apps and adapted websites, I agree, but FFOS is so new I'm not surprised. The OS and devices are intended for emerging markets, which excludes the netherlands. Of course, when more devices enter the dutch market - and not with geeks like us, but the average user, then I think things might change. Although I also think it's a bit opportunistic of designers to not adapt their sites for the FFOS browser. It's not that hard to check which client is used and change the layout accordingly (shouldn't be too different from android/ios browsers).

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