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I think @Path is a great addition to Facebook, here's why

A few days ago, Path was announced. The personal network, as they claim. Sceptical at first I created an account and quickly found that it is a pretty damn good idea.
I use facebook quite a bit, but a lot of "friends" there are people I really don't know very well. Maybe that's my own fault for being narcistic and accepting most friend requests. Since I also podcast for Tech45, quite a few connections come from there. And let's not forget the Twitter "friends". All in all quite a lot of people I'm sharing information and pictures with. However, I'm very aware that a lot of people are not very close to me and I will therefore hardly post any personal information, apart from the occasional, not too close and usually censored family or holiday snaps. Let alone the more intimate pictures for instance of my dad, who is now in Intensive Care. I won't post these to a public network, but a closed network like Path would be ideal for that, since there I will post for only those selected people who I know personally and consider real friends. Real "moments", like the Path site claims, not self-censored images that are taken out of context.

Path as it is now is a bit limiting, since only iPhone owners can use it now. But more platforms are coming and the website should be underway as well. Personally, I hope they'll keep everything minimalistic in style and functionality, focussing on the personal aspect and contexts. My wishlist: uploading from filmroll, movie upload support, the ability to comment on other people's moments and better contactmanagement. That's it really. No need for facebook and twitter integration, that takes away from the whole concept. Here's hoping that Path will live on, the first six months will be crucial.