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MobileMe beta - oh and why gmail search still fails

Finally got my invite and started playing with it.
A few issues found within the first ten minutes of playing with it:

- Creating a rule based on the "From:" field only allows a full email address to be entered as criterium. You should definately be able to create a rule on parts of an email address (domain name for instance), so I've requested a "contain"/"does not contain" addition. Please do so as well.

- Search still does only search one folder, and not across folders. Which is a big annoyance since I quite often don't remember exactly in which folder a mail has been stored. On my Mac I just use the spotlight and boom, it's found. But MobileMe web search at least allows for searching on part of a word, example:

In my inbox I have a mail with subject "Welcome to MobileMe beta". When I search on "Welc", it will pop up that exact message (and possibly other mails with "welc....." in it.

Then why the hell doesn't google mail do this? In my gmail inbox I have a mail with subject "interview". Search on "inter" (nor "inter*") does return nada zip zilch results.. Major #fail on google's part!

All in all, I very much like the new MobileMe beta, can't wait until the rest is updated too.