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Nokia and Apple introduce things

Tuesday October 22nd was a busy day for technology geeks. Both Apple and Nokia had an event, and both were streamed live.

Unfortunately for Nokia, most of their news was soon pushed to the second news page by all shiny stuff that Apple introduced. Which is kind of sad for them. 

Anyway, Nokia introduced:

Seriously though, what's up with the stupid numbering scheme Nokia?

Great news for photographers, because for the first time ever a smartphone will support raw format photography. Both Lumia 1520 and 1020 will get an update that enables the smartphone to shoot photos in raw. Which means you'll get all the dynamic range the sensor offers and without the agressive in-camera post-processing. Awesome! More info on the Nokia Communications blog.

I'm happy to see some key players are moving into the Windows Phone platform as well: Instagram and Vine are both announced for the WP8 platform. That will make a lot of users happy and probably attract quite a bit of new ones too.

Apple introduced:

Lots of new goodies, and quite a bit of innovation in there as well. Software wise, iCloud plays a big role and now offers collaboration on iWorks documents. No need to have it installed on your computer even. Pretty sweet.

Lots of software that is free, but I was hoping to see Apple make a big bold move and make iCloud free and/or have unlimited storage. The free 5GB is too little for anyone who is serious about working with iWorks in the cloud.

Oh yeah.. the real difference between the two announcements? Nokia's products are "coming soon", while Apple's products are mostly available now or have a specific date.