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Happy 2009

It's another new year. Happy 2009 to all my Posterous friends and other readers.
Today is also the last day of the (too short) holiday period. Let's try to make the best of the first monday in the new year. Shaking hands, wishing happy newyear.. sigh.

 I'm looking forward to the Macworld Expo which starts tomorrow. The keynote (by Phil Schiller, not Jobs, as you already know) will be tuesday 19.00 CET. Predictions abound. Mostly a new iMac (new CPUs, same look) and possibly a Mac Mini refresh (about time). And an iPhone nano/mini is rumored to be announced to.. available Q2 or Q3 2009. I'm sceptical.
It's time to upgrade my old-ish iMac Core Duo to a new version, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for new iMacs.
Software wise, iLife and iWork need an update as well. I haven't bought iWork08 (I do have 07 though), and am hoping for a new version of either package.

 Will 2009 be a bad year because of the recession going own even further? Will the Obama administration change anything? Or was it all fluff? We'll see, I guess.

 It'll be an interesting year... 2009.