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Constellation Orion

Trying to reproduce the Akira Fuji method, which looks easier than it is.

Another #ISS pass

@luclodder and me decided to go out and watch the International Space Station pass overhead.

It was a clear night (again!) and the view was excellent.
Here are a few images. See if you recognize stars and constellations in the pictures :-)

Also, check out the extremely exciting closeups that Ralf Vandenbergh made!

Venus and Moon conjunction

Well, the actual conjunction will be tomorrow night, but they predict clouds. I thought I'd try tonight already.
Handheld with the Nikon D700 and 24-120mm VR lens at 120mm and 70mm. F5.6/F5.3 and 1/5s exposure time. Processed in Bibble of course.

(best appreciated when viewed full size)