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iPhone 2.2: it's not a bug, it's a feature...

Somehow, after updating my iPhone to 2.2 the "advanced" settings of my IMAP accounts were set to store Sent, Draft and Trash on the iPhone, instead of the mail server. This resulted in the "cannot move to trash" error in my previous post.
I've never seen this option before, maybe it has always been there, maybe the default has changed in 2.2. But once I set everything to be stored on the server (trash, drafts, sent), it worked as before.


Mobile me buttons ...

Mobile Me is still in a state of flux. Somehow the authorization doesn't
stick, and I get spontaneous reloads of the website for some weirdo

And funnily enough, the buttons have all gone blank..

Apple, fix this! My subscription is about to expire, but I'm having
serious doubts to extend it with the current problems.. (I probably
will, since I depend on it heavily... Sigh)