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The blackberry storm sucks, it's official!

Read all about it here!

I love the last comment about Apple pundits vs BlackBerry nuts.. hehehehe

Found during my daily blog visit on Daring Fireball

edit: I just noticed that Vodafone Germany has put BB Storm firmware online. Does this solve all the mentioned issues?
Small comment on the versioning.. okay, if you're using version numbers that have 3 subversions in them, you should know something is wrong here! There shouldn't be a need to go that deep. 2 subversions should be sufficient.

edit 2: And Wired also thinks it's official now: The BB Storm sucks.

David Pogue trashes the Blackberry Storm


Oh man, this is hilarious! I may be the only Vodafone/Verizon employee who's actually enjoying this review.. (and I'm possibly the only Vodafone employee with a T-Mobile iPhone...)

some quotes:

Furthermore, despite having had more than a year to study the iPhone, R.I.M. has failed to exploit the virtues of an on-screen keyboard (about the keyboard design)

In short, trying to navigate this thing isn’t just an exercise in frustration — it’s a marathon of frustration. (about the slow response of the device)

How did this thing ever reach the market? Was everyone involved just too terrified to pull the emergency brake on this train? (concluding)

oh, and this one:

And that’s before they discovered that the Storm doesn’t have Wi-Fi. -- well, that's because Verizon/Vodafone really really want users to stay on their network, so they can suck every dollar/euro from your account..