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The LHC Higgs particle time machine theory.

According to them, there could be a possibility of time travel in the LHC, due to the so far elusive Higgs particle that the LHC could possibly generate.

Okay, that sounds pretty cool eh?
however, even if we would be able to send information back and forth by using the LHC, I see one little issue with this concept.

We can't move our location! The Higgs particle only moves in the fifth dimension according to the theory, which would mean it won't break the laws of physics and "grandfather paradox".

so, sending information into the past further than when the LHC was created would result in that info reaching a lot of rock, since the LHC tunnels weren't even dug out.

And who knows what will be at the LHC location in the future.

Unless this will be possible in a small scale "LHC", feasibility seems a bit low here.