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Your old iTunes purchases (pre-no-DRM) won't be matched?

Songs purchased outside of the United States iTunes Store containing DRM (Digital Rights Management) will not be matched or uploaded to iCloud.

(emphasis mine)
Argh, looks like songs that you bought in a non US iTMS before iTunes went no-DRM will not be matched to the iTunes iCloud. I have quite a few of those (living in NL I use the Dutch iTMS mostly), I never bothered to convert them to iTunes Plus. To have them matched, I probably have to convert them to iTunes Plus first, which adds quite a few euros to the bill.

So, I guess I will just download those illegally and have them matched.. WTF are you doing Apple?


I guess I was mistaken. I have 11752 items in my Music library. iTunes Match matched 11388 songs. Difference of 364 songs. I have about 2609 songs still marked as "Protected AAC" - the old DRM-ed files. Looks like those are matched anyway, and the 364 remaining are some obscure items that can't be matched (I don't have any illegal stuff in my iTunes library)

cost of "upgrade my library" to iTunes+ DRM-free: €260,18 ....


I guess that's what happens when you order too many iTunes songs..
But alas I won't do this with quite a few albums, which I bought and only rarely listen. I may just run requiem on them to make them DRM free. The 256Kb higher quality items I'll get for my most listened albums, whenever the iTunes store is fully updated.. since I have 2759 "protected AAC" items in my library.. the above is just half of it..