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Pet Shop Boys - Yes

(This is not a review :-))

Last night I was stuck behind the computer because of some insomnia. At about 0:05 I got an email from the Apple iTMS that the pre-ordered Pet Shop Boys album "Yes" was now available for download.

Allright, straight away downloaded and put onto my iPhone (OS3 ;-))

The album is more or less split up into two parts, where the seconds half is more somber and sad than the first, happy and sunny part. The boys also give a track-by-track commentary on the album, which is nice to hear what the reasoning behind certain songs was.

Recently I've also downloaded the new U2 album, but for some reason that one doesn't "stick" .. I don't think it's very remarkable. The Pet Shop Boys "Yes" album maybe of a completely different style, but I feel it lasts much longer than the U2 album. Many people will disagree, but I just don't think "No Line On The Horizon" is that good, and certainly not what all the hype promised. 

Back to the Pet Shop Boys album. Some songs actually really sound like they have been written for Kylie Minogue. Even though she didn't accept them. In all, the album is nice and fresh, but still pretty Pet Shop Boy-ish. The dub mix of Love Etc is good for turning up loud in the car.

Great album, welcome back boys!