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Copyright killed the video star

(continued from original)


They took the credit for your second symphony
Rewritten by machine and new technology
And now I understand the problems you can see

Oh-a oh. You might have heard of the new Buma/Stemra license called Fair Play. They will charge the whole Dutch web community for embedding musicclips. Let’s try to push the limits of this license. The web and the new economy are about multiplying information. Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail it, upgrade it.

Let’s see how far freedom of information goes. Please film the copy of the copy of the copy of the Bubbles video above and post the video on your blog with this text underneath it. Your blogreaders should do the same and together we form a chain of information. Let’s create a loophole of information and find out when copyright gets killed because you cannot hear which song is in the video anymore.
Let’s resist the new license that would kill new forms of creativity. Let’s question the question of public space and fair use. Technologic. Technologic!

(yeah, sorry, at the end there's the sound of paper ripping.. that was the BUMA license leaflet!)

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