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Still working on the Flamenco images. Which one is best now?

Left is the "regular" image. Right is the same image (very roughly, may need some finetuning) edited with my "Hi-Pass tinted" Preset in Bibble 5. Personally I like the latter (right) one.

Which one would you use?

edit: well, guess the decision is made. The client (and model) has opted for the right one. No more doubts. Let's get working on the book.

Flamenco Dancer - part I

Finally I am done editing these images.

The idea behind the photos are to replicate those vintage spanish flamenco scenes that you can find in many tourist stores.


The first post-processed and ready for showing photo of a series..
Let me know what you think!

Photo processed in Bibble 5, further editing in Pixelmator 1.4

NOTE: I forgot to save with sRGB profile, so if you're not using a color managed browser like Safari or Firefox 3.5 colors may look a bit muted to you. I'd advice you to upgrade to a decent browser then ;)