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Nokia and Apple introduce things

Tuesday October 22nd was a busy day for technology geeks. Both Apple and Nokia had an event, and both were streamed live.

Unfortunately for Nokia, most of their news was soon pushed to the second news page by all shiny stuff that Apple introduced. Which is kind of sad for them. 

[NL] Tech45 - 026 - Maarten's Hot Pockets - met Adam Curry als gast - staat online

Aflevering 26 is voor een aantal van ons een spannende gebeurtenis, want we hebben Adam Curry (@adamcurry) als gast!

- Uiteraard een lange introductie van Adam en zijn werk, met name de Big App Show, die binnenkort ook voor Android komt.
- Internet Explorer 9, gaat dit het worden voor Microsoft?
- The new Twitter, nog niemand van ons panel heeft het, maar we hebben toch lekker een mening.
- Facebook telefoon, wat gaat dat nu weer worden?
- Publiek wil niet betalen voor reclame-loze TV

En natuurlijk korte nieuwsflitsen en tips van het panel.

Meer info en download via de Tech45 website

iPhone compatible earbuds?

I'm starting to really dislike the standard earbuds. Somehow they don't
fit well enough in my ears, so they keep dropping out on a regular
basis. I liked the old iPod buds, somehow they remained in my ear
without any problems. But they don't have the mic and controls that the
new one offers.

 I've looked around, but couldn't find any alternatives. I cannot use
in-ear buds since I use my iPhone on my Piaggio moped, and need to hear
at least a bit of surrounding sounds. So in-ears are out. Of course
on-ears too, since they won't fit under my helmet... And I want to keep
the same functionality as the original buds (mic and controls).

 So, anyone who knows of a viable alternative to the iPhone original

The blackberry storm sucks, it's official!

Read all about it here!

I love the last comment about Apple pundits vs BlackBerry nuts.. hehehehe

Found during my daily blog visit on Daring Fireball

edit: I just noticed that Vodafone Germany has put BB Storm firmware online. Does this solve all the mentioned issues?
Small comment on the versioning.. okay, if you're using version numbers that have 3 subversions in them, you should know something is wrong here! There shouldn't be a need to go that deep. 2 subversions should be sufficient.

edit 2: And Wired also thinks it's official now: The BB Storm sucks.