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Great CS experience @Griffintech

Now, this is what I call a great Customer Service experience!

My Griffin Technology RoadTrip has been acting strangely straight out of the package. It works fine when using the default iPod function on my iPhone, but once I use a 3rd party app it quits broadcasting (and picks up broadcasting again once I switch back to iPod). Very strange and not easy to reproduce, supposedly.

I sent an email to @griffintech explaining the issue and they asked me to try some tests. This was back in February. Then I broke my shoulder and I wasn't able (nor feeling up for it) to try the tests. A few days ago, I tried and was still unsuccessful to get a proper broadcast for e.g. streaming radio using 3rd party apps.

So I emailed @griffintech support again and they will send me a new RoadTrip! I didn't need to return my current RoadTrip until the new one was tested. Oh, and I'm not US based either, so that makes the service an extra A+ worthy.

Great products, but even more important great service! :-)