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iBike Rider motorbike handsfree kit

Today the iBike Rider kit arrived. The package came in a rather small box, somehow I expected more.
After unwrapping the plastics the box unvealed two small speakers with velcro and a mic plus play/pause button (also used for accepting calls)
Additionally theres an extension cord with volume control.
Installing was easy although it took me a few times to position the speakers correctly.
The wires can be a problem but that was easily solved by routing them behind the helmet lining.
Volume is on the low side, even on max volume and loudness on the iphone. The volume control on the extension wire probably be at max all the time.
The mic seems pretty good although I haven't checked it during a ride with wind and surrounding noise. Tomorrow I'll use it during my commute and put a post about my experiences with it.

Nice touch: the mic and button attach to the helmet with a velcro self- adhesive strip. The kit includes two of these so you can use it with 2 helmets without too much trouble. Good because I have two helmets, one for freezing weather (fully closed) the other one (pictured) is a Jet helmet. More open.

To be continued.