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Thank you Apple (finally)

Thank you Apple! I received my MobileMe Calendar Beta invite yesterday (after all other accounts in my mobileme family pack got it :-S).
I love the MobileMe service, but was always annoyed to see that you could not share a calendar for read/write access and sync it at the same time through MobileMe. So I was forced to use Google Calendar for this. Annoying, since I don't use google for anything else.

So in the past few years, I've mailed with some very friendly Apple support people, filing my complaints, I even sent a mail to Jobs (never got an answer though) about this. Lo and behold, a week after I sent my complaint email to Jobs, the Calendar Beta was introduced, with exactly the featureset I proposed in my many emails. I guess I wasn't the only one complaining then :-)

Yesterday, after upgrading my wife's iPhone to iOS4.0.1 I moved everything from google calendar to MobileMe. I hope to never have to look back again.

MobileMe Calendar in BETA??? What's up Apple?

I just tried opening my mobileme webmail, and noticed that the Calendar icon has a "beta" label on top of it! (see image) The site doesn't load properly, so I bet Apple is doing *something*

update False alarm? after 10 minutes I checked again and no beta label anymore and the site loads fine.. hmm.. glitch?