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Humerus fracture X-Ray images

A few weeks ago I was able to break my Humerus and today I got the x-ray images on CD.

I'd say: Lance Armstrong, eat your heart out! :-)

I'm now a certified cyborg, with a titanium plate and lots of titanium screws. Why so many screws? Well, according to the doc, the head of the bone is more or less hollow, and to keep the plating fixed they need a lot more screws than usual. The screws are also all diverging/coverging to eachother.

Nice imagery though ;-)

What happened to the Space Shuttle smart cockpit?

I came across this image on digg. It shows the "glass cockpit" of the space shuttle after the upgrade in 2000. In the text it says this is the prelude for a "smart cockpit" to be introduced in 2005.
However, since the Columbia broke up during re-entry in 2003, has this project been scrapped? I can't find any info or images of the "smart cockpit".

NASA Images source