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iMovie 8.0.5: iFrame standard - not new, just other name. But new device opportunity.


Yesterday the iMovie 8.0.5 update introduced the new "iFrame" (knowledgebase) format which is 960x540 pixels (quarter of a full-HD resolution).

However, iMovie has been exporting to this resolution since the introduction its new architecture in iMovie 08. It is actually the maximum size which you can use to export for sharing, unfortunately (see screenshot from mobileMe gallery).

However, it will probably mean that:

  • the iPod nano will be updated to record in iFrame mode (firmware!)
  • the same will apply to the iPhone 3GS (firmware!)
  • the to be introduced (I guess) iPod Touch will record in iFrame natively

Still, I'd prefer a real 720p resolution option instead of this halfbaked approach. But Apple probably has something up it's sleeve we don't know about :-)

How Apple TV can score at the big 3.0

An interesting analysis of a future Apple TV generation. However, I do think the AppleTV needs to support full-HD or at minimum 1080i to be useful for *everyone*. Why? Well, a lot of people own 1080i (marketed as full-HD by the way) camcorders and they would love to play their own movies in their native resolution on the AppleTV.
It would also mean the rediculous limit of iMovie must be removed, since for some stupid reason there's no way to export a movie in the native resolution (instead it scales down to I think 720p max).

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Rewind: STS-106 launch (Sept 8th, 2000)

I'm importing all my DV tapes to iMovie, quite a lot of work, and I found this clip of the Shuttle Atlantis mission STS-106 too. We were lucky enough to get press accreditation, so this is filmed from the press site, which is about 5 miles closer than the public sites. In any case, it gives a nice impression about the SOUND this thing makes when going up...
We'll miss the shuttle launches!
I'll upload more clips (also from inside the VAB) whenever I find the time and motivation to do so :-) I actually want to wait for iMovie '09 to get rid of some vibrating annoyances..