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Joe mcNally on the D3x

"Remember in Jurassic Park, when there would be the distant thud of the stalking T-Rex, and the water glass in the jeep would tremor? Or in Saving Private Ryan, when they felt the earth shake well before they saw the tank?

That’s kind of the way I feel about the D3X. It’s out there. You can hear the distant rumble. A monster of a camera."

Source: Joe McNally's Blog

Joe McNally is cool!

I've totally enjoyed his presentation about the Nikon creative lighting
during the Photoplus expo in October. Since then, I'm following his
blog, and he posted a hilarious clip showing himself and Bob Krist in
all kinds of f*ck-ups. It's an "outtake" from the DVD "a hands-on guide
to creative lighting" by nikon, I believe.