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Apple withdraws from Macworld - this may be a good thing!

Wow, reading my daily apple blogs there's nothing else than "oh no, the world has come to an end" about the announcement of Apple that 2009 will probably be the last Macworld Expo they'll join. And to add more salt in the wound, 2009 won't see Jobs talking at the keynote. No, Phil Schiller will take the stage. Rumors abound about Steves' health again. To be honest, this has been coming for a while now, so people shouldn't be surprised. The timing sucks, that's true, but that's all the Apple way.

But here's the good part: instead of having a fixed schedule where Apple is kind of forced to show up with new products, from 2009 on, you'll probably have more "special events" dedicated to a single product, with probably more interaction with the public and developers.
There'll be no fixed schedule for product announcements. Apple will announce them whenever they feel they're ready. Which, to me is good.
And for the Macworld Expo 2009 keynote: Phil is a nice guy, and he also knows how to do great presentations. He is not Jobs, but he can be just as entertaining.

Now for the challenge: spot the repetition in his speech... Jobs has his "Boom!" thing.. What'll be Schillers knack?