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Rewind: STS-106 launch (Sept 8th, 2000)

I'm importing all my DV tapes to iMovie, quite a lot of work, and I found this clip of the Shuttle Atlantis mission STS-106 too. We were lucky enough to get press accreditation, so this is filmed from the press site, which is about 5 miles closer than the public sites. In any case, it gives a nice impression about the SOUND this thing makes when going up...
We'll miss the shuttle launches!
I'll upload more clips (also from inside the VAB) whenever I find the time and motivation to do so :-) I actually want to wait for iMovie '09 to get rid of some vibrating annoyances..



Deep ASCII is a full length conversion of the classic porno film Deep Throat, which amounts to 55 minutes of pure mute ascii porn. This genre was selected for it's dominating close-ups, very convenient for resolutions ASCII can support.
It is presented both as a video work and online.

Skuc, Ljubljana 10.98
Stedelijk, Amst 10.98
Montreal Film F., 10.98
Offline@online, Tallin, 10.98
Kapelica, Ljubljana 07.99
Net_Condition, ZKM, 09.99
Salon 3, London, 11.99

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