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No Blu-ray for me

Well, it looks like my post "Lack of smooth playback with blu-ray " has spurred up quite a bit of discussion in the comments. Thanks to those who took the time to check out what I thought was an issue with blu-ray itself. It definately seems to be related to a TV problem of not showing true 24p.

In any case, for me, blu-ray is out of scope since I'm tired buying another new medium which will be obsolete within a few years. And also because I'm a lazy bastard who doesn't want to burn DVDs/CDs from the stuff he has on his computer.

There are three multimedia players that I am currently looking into:
I love the fact that the Mvix has an iPod dock and supports PVR functionality. All three receive pretty good reviews, so I'm still quite unsure which is the better one..

Any Posterous reader outthere that has an opinion on either system? Or a true valuable alternative?