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Phil Collins can never play drums again!

Today is a sad day, Phil Collins can never play the drums again because of a spinal injury, he said in an interview.
To honor the man, here is a clip of his farewell tour in 2006. Playing In The Air tonight, with possibly the best drum solo ever in a pop song. Didn't everyone airdrum to that?


Climate change debunk...

A must-see:


 "The Climate is changing all the time, get used to it!" (Source )

 I'm all for taking care of our environment, but member of the club of
the global warming skeptics.. GW is now pushed by the media and politics
as if it is a religion you *must* believe, no arguments! (sounds kind of
extremist to me, doesn't it?) With all tax enforcements that go with it.

 Just don't believe the hype!

California Cop shoots defenseless man

Two videos showing a Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer fatally shooting an unarmed, cooperating 22-year-old man have surfaced, thanks to a vigilant teen and an anonymous cameraman.

According to officials, five officers arrived at a subway station around 2 a.m. in response to reports of fighting on a train. Officers handcuffed a group of suspects, and detained the soon-to-be victim, Oscar Grant III.


What the hell is wrong with the cops nowadays? How about "the police is your friend"?

A person close to the investigation told the San Francisco Chronicle that BART officials are looking into the possibility that the officer thought he was firing a Taser and pulled out his gun by mistake.

Okay, if it was a mistake, what kind of moron would make this mistake? And doesn't this also say something about the dangers of these Tasers? Not only directly (people were killed already by this), but also indirectly (supposedly being too similar to a real gun?)

And anyway.. why would you need to either tase or shoot a person that is lying on the ground completely immobilized? By looking at the movie I can only say that those cops were all fat pigs (even the female one) who should lose some weight and grow a brain. Better yet, just shoot them "by accident".