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Sean M. Puckett (@catbear) releases Andrea 1.0 plugin for Bibble 5 (@bibblelabs)

The plugins from Sean Puckett are legendary in the Bibble scene. My personal favorite has always been Andy PRO. This was a very extensive film plugin that accurately simulated a lot of the better known, and not so well-known black&white and color films.

Now, finally, shortly after the release of Bibble 5 Pro, the successor of Andy Pro is here. With a new name, and rewritten from the ground up: Andrea. The plugin is available to try for free, with a limited choice of films. The full version unlocks the full list.

What is new in Andrea apart from that it is B5 compatible is that it will also implement colour film simulation with more films to choose from. Now, only the slide films are available, but soon you can expect more choices including negative films.

Some samples (before/after) below:
Original version:

With Andrea, using ADOX KB50 film in D76 developer 4min at 68F printed on Fomaspeed paper grade 3:

I love the flexibility this plugin offers, without losing the ease of use.

Another sample, original version:

With Andrea, using Kodak HS infrared film in D19 printed on Agfa Bromira-speed paper grade 0:


Andrea, Kodak Tech Pan 25 in Technidol 11min on Agfa Record-Rapid paper grade 2:

And finally, a color slide film sample, original:

Kodak Kodachrome 40:

If you like the plugin, please support Sean by purchasing the full version!

PS: the plugin does not add vignetting, that is done in Bibble 5 itself (but I like it, so I add it ;-))