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SimplyTweet + Posterous = WOW!

Look out Tweetie, Twitterific, Twitpic and TweetPhoto. There are new guys around that can make your life just a little tougher.
I started tweeting on my iPhone using Twitterific 1, which was nice, but once Tweetie came out, I was quick to jump ship. The new Twitterific has improved a lot, so Tweetie and Twitterific are now almost equal.
Twitpic is a long standing twitter picture hosting service, and a lot of alternatives (like TweetPhoto) are popping up because their service and uptime is kind of flaky.
Not too long ago, Posterous introduced an API for clients to use for sending pictures to Posterous instead of twitpic. Most twitter clients (Tweetie (Mac, iPhone version not yet), DestroyTwitter (AIR), Twitterific (iPhone)) have implemented the API in some way or the other.
However, there's a smart developer around called Hwee-Boon Yar who develops SimplyTweet, the other iPhone twitter client. Yes, it may not (yet) look as slick as the big ones, but looks can deceive. His new version, to be released in the AppStore soon, has extensive support for Posterous.
It's not just posting pictures to Posterous, it can post multiple pictures to a Posterous gallery post. It also puts the twitter hashtags in proper Posterous tags. And last but certainly not least, you can write more than 140 char tweets. Longer tweets will be posted at Posterous and your tweet will get a nice link to the post. Amazing isn't it?
Just try it, Posterous is dead simple to start (just send an email to ) and simplytweet can be freely downloaded from the Apple Appstore. Simplytweet lite has no ads as well. A more extensive version can be purchased for a small fee, giving you some extra functionality. Maybe the developer can comment below what the differences between the lite and paid version are?

(Can you tell I'm a fan? :-))

My posterous bounce rate


 The bounce rate (= people getting to the site and leaving from the first
page, not looking further) of my posterous is 81% at the first day of
measuring. Quite high, but since it's a blog, I was actually expecting
it to be much closer to 100% (since who reads the old pages anyway,
except if you're looking for something specific). But I guess my posts
should start to make more sense in the future, to "capture" viewers :-)

 Or I should just put the analytics on the main ( page,
which -for now- redirects users to this posterous.

Tools for (non)productivity

I never got the "Getting Things Done" hype. Bought the book, read it, thought "okay, that's kind of logical" and never truly adapted the GTD way of working. I'm more of a "Getting Things the Fuck Done" person. Henry Rollins Style. Mike Atherton aka Sizemore knows all about it (the image is his design), and just like me he's fat and wears glasses (sorry Mike ;-)). Just get your shit done. That's it.

But the GTD hype does spin off some nice tools to make life a bit easier. Here's a top 3 of tools I dig:

Remember The Milk. Yes, rule nr1 of the GTD is to write shit down. Clear your mind for useful stuff. True, but this attitude is what ruined our educational system and now kids can no longer calculate. Because they used a calculator.. since then you could use your brains for something else. No, try to keep your brain active is more important, I think. Nonetheless, there is only so much you can remember and sometimes there are things you need to do but are not urgent enough to keep in your RAM. This is where RtM is good at. Keep your tasks available. It's online, and gadget freaks like me love the iPhone or mobile interface. Keep it with you all the time, everywhere.

Evernote, another online tool. Not so much to help with organizing your tasks, but you can dump everything in it. Scraps, snapshots etc. I mainly use it to store my registration codes of software and business card snapshots (taken with my iPhone and Griffin iClarifi case, of course). You can share your evernotes too. nice interface, slick use, although the iPhone app could use a speed bump. Evernote has replaced Yojimbo for me., like evernote, you can store everything (almost literally everything). But it goes further than this. People can add anything to your drop as well (if you allow them to). Better yet: announced that they'll open up a managed drop tool soon, which will make collaboration a breeze. I signed up for their alpha test period and hope to be able to start using in class or with co-workers and use another drop for photography, etc. It's private, secure, non-searchable by google. Great stuff.

This is my top 3. Do you have any other tools?

Of course this post should not go without mention to The easiest and best blogging system available.