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iPhone 4 troubles - or are they?

Oh my, the iPhone 4 hasn't been out for a day and first reports of troubles are showing up already. Biggest complaint is loss of signal when holding it the "wrong way". 
okay, I'm not saying this is not an issue, but it seems to be a trend that whenever there is a new iPhone or Apple device, immediately reports of problems show up:

  • 2008 - launch of iPhone 3G - problems with reception and white iPhone case
  • 2009 - launch of iPhone 3Gs - problems with overheating
  • 2010 - launch of iPhone 4 - problems with antenna (especially for lefties) and discoloration of screen
These may or may not be real issues, what strikes me is that these occur in the first weeks after a launch and then quickly fade away. 
In my opinion this is mostly due to the fact that really everyone is looking at these devices with a magnifying glass. Any small issue will be blown up to gigantic proportions. And the Apple attitude of not really being open to communicate with doesn't help with that.

To put things in proportion: millions of iPhones have been sold, and usually a very small, but very vocal group will get all the attention, while most people are perfectly happy with theirs.
Or maybe Apple is using this as a very weird but clever marketing ploy, just hype it up even more and say "we told you there's nothing wrong" in the end....