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Seoul District - a new type of comic on the iPhone by @avecomicstweet

Seoul District chapter 1 is available in the iTunes Store. It's a production by Avé Comics. The artist is Chul Ho Park, a korean living in France. The style is typical manwha (korean manga), fast and dynamic scenes with attention to detail.

What makes Seoul District special is the way it combines comic book with movie clips, animation and audio. Between regular comic scenes there are movie cut scenes or animation scenes. While reading, audio is played that adds to the atmosphere. If it rains in the comic, you hear the rain. If a helicopter is flying above, you will heare the helicopter.

You can choose to have the comic in french or english. Unfortunately, when you change to english, the cut-scenes are still french. It looks great on my iPhone, I wonder if an iPad optimized version is in the works, that would make the experience even better.

Seoul District costs €2,39, for that you get chapter 1. I expect future chapters to be an in-app purchase. For non iPhone owners, at the Avé Comics site, you can get alternative versions.

Some screenshots in the gallery