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SimplyTweet + Posterous = WOW!

Look out Tweetie, Twitterific, Twitpic and TweetPhoto. There are new guys around that can make your life just a little tougher.
I started tweeting on my iPhone using Twitterific 1, which was nice, but once Tweetie came out, I was quick to jump ship. The new Twitterific has improved a lot, so Tweetie and Twitterific are now almost equal.
Twitpic is a long standing twitter picture hosting service, and a lot of alternatives (like TweetPhoto) are popping up because their service and uptime is kind of flaky.
Not too long ago, Posterous introduced an API for clients to use for sending pictures to Posterous instead of twitpic. Most twitter clients (Tweetie (Mac, iPhone version not yet), DestroyTwitter (AIR), Twitterific (iPhone)) have implemented the API in some way or the other.
However, there's a smart developer around called Hwee-Boon Yar who develops SimplyTweet, the other iPhone twitter client. Yes, it may not (yet) look as slick as the big ones, but looks can deceive. His new version, to be released in the AppStore soon, has extensive support for Posterous.
It's not just posting pictures to Posterous, it can post multiple pictures to a Posterous gallery post. It also puts the twitter hashtags in proper Posterous tags. And last but certainly not least, you can write more than 140 char tweets. Longer tweets will be posted at Posterous and your tweet will get a nice link to the post. Amazing isn't it?
Just try it, Posterous is dead simple to start (just send an email to ) and simplytweet can be freely downloaded from the Apple Appstore. Simplytweet lite has no ads as well. A more extensive version can be purchased for a small fee, giving you some extra functionality. Maybe the developer can comment below what the differences between the lite and paid version are?

(Can you tell I'm a fan? :-))