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56 minutes of Mad World

Okay okay, I "borrowed" the NTSC version of Mad World for Wii just because I couldn't wait to try it. I've pre-ordered it locally, but it won't come out until somewhere next week I believe.
Anyway, the intro movie is pretty nice, very comic like. Then you'll meet XIII (not the one from the famous european comic book by the way) and he'll teach you how to do some basic fight moves. You start in a small area where the baddies are coming at you and you have to kill them using your own hands, and chainsaw of course. When you've succeeded then you can jump over the cars to the next level, where you'll be in an open area with lots of baddies. First you start with extended fighting skills like throws and types of finishes.. bwhaha all of them very hilarious and sadistic. After a while you'll be teached how to use the environment for fights, like tires, streetsigns, etc. It's all very fast paced and very well drawn.
Like said in official reviews, the camera work needs some improvement, but it's ok.
Once you finished the intro stages the real fights begin and you are thrown into a gang of uglies which you have to throw into the "turbinator"... with hilariously splatteriffic results, and even "Just Jack" needs to shield himself for the splatter.
And you'll be set lose in the city, the game feels like a free environment where you can walk about whereever you want. Not sure if that's true for the whole game, I only played for 56 minutes.. just before the first major boss character.. a bull with a dual chainsaw... eeek!
There are the oh-so necessary powerups to be found on slain baddies, and other items are available as well. One thing though: there's no in-between save? I guess it's all auto-save, but I'm not so sure.
I can't wait to receive my official version! just a week waiting...
More info and hilarious videoclips:

edit 13/03: well, it seems I played a bit longer than I thought, according to the daily Wii progress message I played 56 minutes Mad World! See, time flies when you're having splatter fun!

Wii week one

"Sinterklaas" brought us the Wii with 2 controllers, Wii Play, Wii
Sports and Mario Kart Wii (with wheels).
Very short impression:
- Mario Kart is cool, kids love it, we love it.
- Wii Play gets boring after the first run
- Wii Sports, and especially tennis is fun. Baseball is like the real
game, a boring sport to play and watch. Golf is ok, Bowling is nice for
one or two games, Boxing is nice too. - the Wii interface is friendly and easy to navigate.
- Miis are funny, and mine actually looks freaky close to my real me
- graphics.. my Dreamcast beats the shit out of the Wii graphics wise. I
have watched a few trailers on the nintendo channels and there's no game
which makes me go "wow"! OTOH, I haven't seen enough yet to really form
an opinion.

- game experience.. This is where the Wii shines. Especially with the
sports games, you are really "into" the game. Controlling Kart is pretty
traditional, although using the wheel makes the experience a lot more
fun. And using the wii-motes' movement sensitivity offers a nice plus to
the game as well.
Not going into it any further, for most people, Wii is old news. But for
me, it's the first game console after the DC. I love 'em both..